Costs and Payment Schedule

At The Estates of Sunnybrook, we understand your need to budget appropriately for your special event. Our social packages were designed to allow you to customize every detail of your special day. 

There are five costs to your event:

  1. the room rental fee
  2. your ceremony fee (if applicable)
  3. the food you order for your guests
  4. the beverages consumed by your guests
  5. applicable taxes & gratuity

An initial deposit in the amount of your room rental fee and ceremonial fee, should you be having your ceremony onsite is payable in order to confirm your booking.

Once your event, is booked, you will be contacted by one of our catering representatives to plan your event. Once you have decided on the meal and made all of the arrangements for your event, then your Catering representative will prepare an estimate showing the anticipated total cost of your event. This total amount will form your second deposit, which will be payable three weeks in advance.

Three days before your event, you will need to provide us with your final guaranteed number of attendees. This number is the lowest number you will be charged for. If more guests arrive, we will do our best to accommodate them, and charge you accordingly.

Once your event is over, we will prepare a reconciliation, based on the actual consumption of your party. If your previous deposits total more than the final bill, we will refund you the difference. If they total less than the final bill, we will invoice you the balance.

You will appreciate knowing that your investment in your event is being directed towards vital medical research, as revenues generated by the Estates of Sunnybrook contribute to the many scientific advances and research projects undertaken at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

We invite you to savor every moment at the Estates of Sunnybrook, as the layers
of your event are woven into unforgettable experiences.