General Information


The Estates of Sunnybrook must be notified by noon, 72 hours prior to the function, with the number of guests to be served. Guarantees for Sundays and Mondays must be given by noon the previous Friday. This is the minimum number of guests you will be billed for. If there is more than this number we will endeavour to accommodate them. If no guarantee is provided, you will be charged for the number on your contract.

Deposit & Payment Information

A initial deposit equal to the applicable room rental is required to confirm the event.
A written estimate of the value of the function will be prepared prior to the function. The balance is due upon receipt of final invoice.


  1. The Estates of Sunnybrook has audio/visual equipment to supply most standard meeting requirements. We would be happy to assist with any special requirements for equipment not listed below, however we will require sufficient notice to ensure availability.
  2. Pyrotechnics are not allowed anywhere on the Estates property.
  3. Any equipment or materials provided by outside suppliers must be dismantled and removed by 30 minutesfollowing the close of the event or an overtime charge of $350/hour will be levied.
  4. The Estates has limited storage capacity and, accordingly, is not in a position to accept deliveries of conference materials in advance of your event. We request that any deliveries be scheduled no earlier than the day prior to your event.
  5. The Estates prohibits any items to be fastened to walls or floors with tape, tacks, pushpins, nails, etc. 'Tac'n'stic' is provided in all meeting rooms to hang flip chart paper.
  6. Information pertaining to power needs should be discussed no later than two weeks prior to the function date. Standard electrical power is available in all rooms. Arrangements for additional power can be made with the Estates. Costs will be assessed based on requirements.
  7. The Estates does not provide labour or equipment (carts, dollies, etc.) for unloading, moving, or loading of displays, exhibits, or equipment.

We invite you to savor every moment at the Estates of Sunnybrook, as the layers
of your event are woven into unforgettable experiences.