Team Development


With the meeting venue staged to perfection, why not position yourselves for maximum engagement and lasting "take home" value with a team building or training session? Our partner, Summit Team Building, are national leaders in the field of team development.

Have you ever experienced an impactful offsite event in which everyone was energized and ready to participate?
Have you ever wondered how you could build a better-connected workplace that maximizes employee engagement? 

Have you ever wished that you could bring that offsite energy back to workplace at the end of the day?

Summit Team Building can help you optimize your offsite event and get the most from your training dollars. We are industry leaders in the design and delivery of team building, training and organization development solutions, and have been helping thousands of teams worldwide achieve their potential since 1997. We are the chosen team training partner of hundreds of organizations, from Mercedes Benz to Interac.

The following will provide a brief description of many of our cutting edge programs. If you do not see what you need here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our unique combination of theory, experience and innovation place our programs at the peak of the mountain.

We offer programs in three main categories:

TEAM BUILDING – Building Relationships Through Unforgettable Experiences

You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation.  – Plato

Time and again, both research and experience has shown that relationships are the foundation of team performance. Hence, we have specifically designed our fast-paced and fun team building programs to enhance this key element. On top of providing your team with a shared experience that they won’t forget, our team building programs have the added advantage of boosting energy at your meeting or conference, and providing a platform for important conversations.

From culinary challenges (Put Your Chef Hat On!) to corporate social responsibility events (Step Up, Play It Forward), our team building programs are sure to exceed all of your expectations.

Check out our team building offerings or give us a call at 1-800-685-5278 – we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT – Realizing Your Team’s Potential Through Experiential Learning

At Summit Team Building, we believe that lasting learning needs to be fun and interactive. We blend traditional training methods, such as short seminars, PowerPoint presentations and current business models, with experiential learning activities such as initiative challenges, high ropes course elements or just about any adventure-based activity you can imagine. Participants set goals and develop powerful action plans to create positive change in the workplace. Programs can range from a half-day to multi-day and focus on team development, leadership, communication, change, trust and more. Each program is custom designed to support your team’s needs. 

We’d love to chat with you about how we can tailor our programs to address your team’s needs - give us a call at 1-800-685-5278. Otherwise, check out our list of team development program options

KEYNOTE SPEAKING – Entertaining. Captivating. Inspiring.

Summit president Scott Kress will entertain, educate and inspire your team with his acclaimed keynote Learning In Thin Air. Scott holds Masters degree in Leadership and Training, and is an instructor for the Rotman School of Management EMBA and International EMBA program (teaching Award recipient), the University of Edinburgh MBA program, and the Odette School of Business EMBA (twice voted Professor of the Year).

These experiences have provided Scott with the ability to deliver game-changing strategies and tools to maximize your team’s performance. What makes Scott's story truly sizzle, though, are his experiences in some of the world’s highest mountains. Having been a wilderness guide and mountaineer for more than 25 years, Scott has gained insights into leadership and teams in some of the most complex, stressful and dramatic environments in the world. Scott is the 51st Canadian to Summit Mount Everest and the 15th Canadian to climb the world’s 7 Summits (the highest point on each of the 7 continents)

Scott's 60-90 minute presentation will share his stories of climbing Mount Everest, and the role leadership and team development have played in his successes. This presentation shares facilitates numerous learning moments that can be tied directly to your team and leadership development. The current leadership and team models that Scott shares will make this engaging presentation relevant to your business needs.

Scott can also facilitate a 30-60 minute application workshop after the keynote to ensure the maximum learning transfer takes place. The identification of key insights and the development of realistic action plans will be based on the insights that will be derived from the presentation. 

Again, for more information on how we can help you create a fun and impactful event at the Estates of Sunnybrook, please give us a call at 1-800-685-5278, or check out our

We invite you to savor every moment at the Estates of Sunnybrook, as the layers
of your event are woven into unforgettable experiences.